Carlee Fernandez: Bear Studies

Carlee Fernandez fits herself into parts of a bearskin.


Caitlin Hackett: Drawings of mutated creatures ask, “What is natural?”

Caitlyn Hackett asks, “What is natural?” with macabre drawings that reflect environmental concerns.

Bill Willers: Excavated Centaur Skeletons

Bill Willers challenges viewers to believe what they see in centaur skeletons presented as scientific exhibits

Beth Cavener Stichter: Expressing human condition with animal forms

Ceramic sculptor Beth Cavener Stichter creates emotional, psychological portraits of humans using animal forms.

Art Oriente Objet: Performances About Transformation

French performance art duo, Art Oriente Objet, explore responses of animals and people to a human given animal traits.

Antoine Helbert: Hybrids in Fine Art and Advertisement

Antoine Helbert: illustrations and advertising combining animal and human with accuracy and humor.

Anthony Goicolea: Pathetic Fallacy

Anthony Goicolea: Attaching humanity to animals in Pathetic Fallacy

Ana Teresa Barboza: Animales Familiares

Ana Teresa Barboza: exploring human animality through illustration and embroidery in “Animales Familiares”

Amy Robinson: Water and Sand

Amy Robinson: quiet and captivating collection of ceramic sculptures, “Water and Sand.”

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen: human animality and the raw beauty of nature in fashion